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Stones of Remembrance Cover
Useful information about walking the Camino de Santiago
Quarterly Journal
Softcover: 48 pages
Dimensions: 10.75 x 8.25
Author: Various (see Authors tab)
The Camino Quarterly is dedicated to accurate, up-to-date, usable information about the Camino de Santiago, whether one is thinking of walking the Camino, has already walked it, or may never walk it but is still interested in learning about it. The magazine highlights the different Camino routes, accommodations, points of interest, gear, footwear, and clothing, as well as the local festivities for the coming three months. Just as walking the Camino de Santiago is a journey with a before, during, and after; reading the Camino Quarterly is a journey through the three stages of preparation, pilgrimage, and reflection.
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Chris Yavelow
Executive Editor
Circulation & Advertising Director
Laura Yavelow
Contributing Editor
Rebecca Gallo
Cover Artist
Contributing Writer & Artist
Jane Snyder
Contributing Writers
Chris Slater
Tom Freisen
Courtney Jean Perry
Tomer Kilchevsky
Bob Riddle
Martha Harney Hayes

Adviser, Hospitalero Consultant,
Associations Liaison
Chris Slater
Spanish Adviser & Translator
Esther Slater
Graphic Designer
Leo Wavy
Back Cover Scallop Manipulation
Celina Yavelow
Contributing Photographers
Jane Snyder
Darcy Wolfe
Chris Yavelow

Courtney Jean Perry
Mark Cobb
Gayle & Brooks Michael
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